2 to 3 day workshops experience intensify the understanding of Bowspring or introduce the Bowspring method.

Through longer training sessions, theoretical explanations, partner work, "hands-on" and massages, the depth sensors are activated and "sleeping" muscles are awakened. In this way the participants often achieve faster results and are often amazed at the end of a workshop what the body is really capable of.









SUNDAY 21.3 .2021 ,16h -1745 h

18 Euro  

more informationen : 0043-699-10051933

Elisabeth W. ,24 years old(harp  student,yoga teacher): 

„Randi has awakened my love for Bowspring,the new art of yoga, in way that i was never taught by any other teacher.She has a extensive knowledge of the body, anatomy and movement,which she incorporates into her classes.Her great intution and her feeling for emotions, that are in the body make each class unique. So you don t just flow into different poses,but you feel the activation of the musclses in the whole body. Very recommendable for everybody ,who wants  to work intensively. "