What is achieved with BOWSPRING?

Bowspring is suitable for everyone.

By understanding and applying the natural principles of alignment, the bowspring practitioner recognizes his or her bad posture and imbalances and consciously finds his or her way back to the primary nature of body and movement.

The body gets a reset. This is sometimes like reprogramming or switching back the nerve connection from the brain to the muscles.

This requires practice, presence and time, because we have lived with wrong patterns and too little natural movement for a long time, so that some neuromuscular connections are asleep.

It is then as if "blind spots" in the body are revived.

Often working with touch helps.

More and more the body finds its healthy form and the nervous system starts to relax.

The uniform myo-fascial tone can postively affect the neuro-glandular system and corresponding hormonal functioning and immunity.

Usually the body understands faster than the mind, but through the clear instructions on how to align the body, each participant eventually becomes a specialist in his or her own anatomy.

In the end, the changes are fast, obvious and lasting.

It is very important to recognize that the body needs curves.

Due to the many sitting positions nowadays, we tend to have a one-sided C-shape in the spine, which often makes us lethargic and stiff.

A curve in the lumbar spine and neck forward (with the chin parallel to the floor and the view slightly above the horizontal), and a curve in the thoracic spine and buttocks backward are not a hollow back.

The intended double S-curve in bowspring helps to achieve springy, joyful movement.

Through the pulsating movements, the myofascial tissue can reconnect, adhesions and blockages can be released.

The fact that the connective tissue becomes freer and more elastic gives the person moving a different access to the particularly deep-set (intrinsic) muscles.

These become longer and slimmer and at the same time stronger.

This way Bowspring can have a very healing effect during pregnancy and afterwards.

By activating the deep muscles, the body gets more support and through the right posture more space in the joints.

A feeling for the inner centre is intensified.

Long-standing pain (especially back, neck and shoulder pain) and tension disappears, as the Bowspring principles can be applied and practiced in everyday life.

When the knowledge from the Bowspring class is used and the body is properly connected, long periods of sitting do not tire quickly, running and walking get a more joyful bounce and also housework and types of sport can be done more energetically and effectively and are more fun.

The spiral, three-dimensional movements also have a similar effect to wringing out a towel, toxins are released and the cells and organs can replenish themselves (with nourishing fluids). The whole appearance appears younger and more vital.

The more I discover my inner abundance the more I am able to open up to others.