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BOWSPRING method and its benefits:

Bowspring is also known as Postclassical Yoga.

I myself like to call it : The New Art of Yoga.

A specially developed flowing, almost dance-like sequence of movements, also called katas, functionally and efficiently align 10 key points in the body - the "10 Key Areas".

Model and source of inspiration is the movement structure of babies and animals.

The curvy, pulsating, three-dimensional movements are primarily based on the model of tensegrity, the idea that all our body parts are connected to each other by an elastic, almost fluid, fascial net.

Through the conscious alignment of the connective tissue, the muscles are given more "room to move" and are thus used in their flexibility and strength with little effort.

There is no need to strengthen and then stretch, in its ideal balance, the body is always evenly toned.

Relaxed toes and fingertips, as well as a presence and clarity in every fibre of the body are decisive.

Feet and hands are very conscious and physiologically aligned, "seed hands" and "hero feet" are conceptual examples of this.

Active pressure and pulling movements ("dig and drag") of the outer extremities create an even activation of the front as well as the rear muscle chains.

The rear myofascial (muscle fascia) connection with the focus on the double S-curve in the back plays a particularly important role. The central channel surronds the spine "energetically"

The associated activation of the often forgotten gluteal muscles (gluteal muscles) creates new strength in legs and back.

The buttocks act here as a kind of anchor in which the back is rooted.

This new strength from the pelvis strengthens and connects the back muscles, protects the hips in front and creates unknown vitality and more mobility and space in the joints.

Important is a conscious "grounding" of the lower extremities and a length and width of the abdomen, trunk, head and arms.

"Root to rise" - "root yourself to rise" and "Open your wings" are special instructions.

Central to the Bowspring alignment is the "Radiant Heart", which, unlike in classical yoga, does not open "forward", but radiates outwards in all directions from its centre.

This creates a fullness and lightness in the chest, which deepens the breathing and intensifies the self-perception. Especially fascinating is the idea of "opening" the back space in the heart.

Desi and John call it "Shadow Heart". This gives you the opportunity to look inside, to take time for yourself and to integrate all of your "heart components".

The kyphosis of the thoracic spine gets more attention and tensions in the shoulder and neck area can be released.

"Radiant Heart" creates space and freedom for the physical as well as the mental level. For more information:

More info: video below and


By aligning the hands and feet in their functional purpose ,we gain balance in the whole body. 


                                    ROOT TO RISE